Sea Palling Parish Council Powerless over Beach Dog Shit

Dog excrement on the street in detailLate last year I visited Sea Palling beach for a leisurely stroll with my daughters and experienced a LOT of dog shit. By “experienced” we mean having to “tip-toe through the turds”.

I did of course complain to Sea Palling Parish Council however they didn’t give a shit and said “The Parish Council is not the authority responsible for matters related to the beach. The beach is managed by the environment agency and NNDC”

Yes, very nice.

This is a good example of Not Giving A Shit and if you vote for the Parasite Party we will also not give a shit!

NSFW: Fantastic article explains more about government c*Nts!

When I get really angry I usually search for the words “government” or “hmrc” alongside such words as CUNTS or FUCKING CUNTS.

I should however refrain from such words because I have daughters and they should not have to grow up learning about such naughty words. I’ll try to avoid it in the future.

Nevertheless, I just searched for GOVERNMENT CUNTS because I am FUCKING ANGRY WITH LIFE* and I heave just learned about male suicide rates – apparently I am the best age for it.

But I moved on and “government cunts” was my second search term of the evening (it followed “male suicide rates”).

Anyway  I came across this article which proves beyond all doubt that many, if not all of the government, are CUNTS.

I rest my case.

* Actually I mean being shat on by all the fucking capitalists, like my landlord, the fuckers that work for the HMRC and so on.

Firefox Privacy Question

I love the Firefox web browser. It wasn’t always like that (back in the early noughties I think it got a bit less than reliable) but it’s now my browser of choice along with DuckDuckGo as a search engine. Compared to anything by MicroShaft and POOgle it’s a winning combo.

Anyway, I was considering signing up for a Firefox account so I can synchronise my bookmarks across multiple devices and since I am am a privacy advocate I thought I would check out their privacy notice.

I have a concern with it, and have sent them this question:

Dear Mozilla,

I have a question about this part of your privacy notice:

“We’re a global organization and our computers are in several different places around the world. We also use service providers whose computers may also be in various countries. This means that your information might end up on one of those computers in another country, and that country may have a different level of data protection regulation than yours. By giving us information, you consent to this kind of transfer of your information. No matter what country your information is in, we comply with applicable law and will also abide by the commitments we make in this privacy policy.

My question is this:

If my data is held in another country, when you comply with “applicable law” do you comply with the “applicable law of the country in which the data is held” or do you comply with the “applicable law in which the data was collected”.

I am an EU citizen living in the EU and covered by GDPR and I would expect you to comply with this legislation wherever this data is held.

I will update this page when I get a response.

Help us draft our Peoples Manifesto?

Welcome to the Parasite Party.

A warm welcome one and all. We are a fresh new political party and we are looking to draft a new ‘Peoples Manifesto’. We’re calling it the Peoples Manifesto because we want you to think it’s come from the good people of this fine upstanding country.

Will you help us draft our manifesto?

We need your help to give us some policy ideas, but we think we’ll have a good chance of getting into power if we come up with the same policies you already have now, after all, who wants change?

Example Policies

To get you started we have drafted a few policies below but if you have any more policies you’d like us to consider, please do leave a comment below. If it’s a good idea we’ll probably ignore it, but have a try anyway!

Fake Democracy

Vote for the Parasite Party and we promise you that you can have one vote every 5 years and it doesn’t matter what we promised you in our manifesto, you can shove it if you think we are going to keep our promises. Apart from this one. And maybe some of the others. Who cares, once you have voted for us you will be able to do sod all about it for 5 years.

Throw Away Your Money

We promise that if we get in to power, we’ll continue to spend your money on unwanted projects such as HS2 or Nuclear Power that will benefit a small section of society and allow large corporations to pay no tax. This is much better than building any homes (see our policies on encouraging homelessness or poverty later in our manifesto). You get the gist.


There you have it, a couple of examples for you. Please use the comment form below to give us some more!